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Yumemi Kanda: No matter whether ahead or behind, I will give 100% on the pitch and run to the last minute.

BC Rangers midfielder Yumemi Kanda became the team’s most dazzling player after joining mid-season last year. Having regrets in the FA Cup final and AFC Champions League qualifiers, he is determined to win the championship for Rangers this season: “Last year’s FA Cup final defeat to Kitchee was very disappointing. Although we lost against Kitchee again this season, I feel that there is something to be gained. With all the growth and accumulation, I look forward to making even more progress in the future.”

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Paulo Carreiro: Enjoying Football with Discipline

From arriving in Hong Kong as a foreign player from Brazil to becoming deeply rooted in the local football scene, Paulinho (Paulo Robspierry Carreiro) has witnessed the development of Hong Kong football over the past fifteen years, both as a player and a coach. The phrase “Paulinho injured again” seems to have become the prevailing impression for many fans, but last season, at the age of 40, he made an incredible return to professional football, even surprising himself. Citizen Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, this former striker has had a passion for football since his youth. At the age of…

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Stefan Pereira: Believe that everything is God’s best arrangement

This year, many foreign players will reach the qualifications of having lived in Hong Kong for seven years, obtain Hong Kong permanent resident status, and be eligible to receive SAR passports. KC Southern striker Stefan Pereira from Brazil is applying for relevant documents at the immigration department, and the result is expected to be available within one to two months at the earliest. “I have been waiting for this moment. Being able to come to this place in Hong Kong is God’s arrangement, and it is also the best arrangement.” Set sail in the fog Stefan Pereira was born in…

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Law Cheuk Hei: Facing good and bad reviews with a normal heart, I want to win a championship with Lee Man

At present, many teams in Hong Kong will start training players as early as possible, starting from U8 or even U6, allowing potential players to receive training. These young players have gradually established their ambitions to become professional football players in the youth army era. Lee Man young player Law Cheuk Hei is one of them. The 19-year-old boy has been playing for Lee Man and its predecessor Lee Man Rangers since primary school. He got a lot of playing opportunities in the Elite Cup last season. Law Cheuk Hei was also on the bench in the first round of…

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Julius Akosah: The top scorer of the millennium, now working on training young players

Local football went through an “ice age” from 2002 to 2006. During this period, the investment of each team was greatly reduced, and the number of admissions was low. Hong Kong football received very little attention in the society. However, during this period, Sun Hei became the second team after South China to achieve the local quadruple championship in 2004-05, and at the same time reached the semi-finals of the AFC Cup for the first time in history. In 2006, the Hong Kong team also played draw with Uzbekistan twice in the Asian Cup qualifiers. Julius Akosah from Cameroon is…

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Ngan Cheuk Pan: Go for it

Kitchee will play in the AFC Champions League again in the coming season, and will bring in many reinforcements this summer. The addition of Ogenyi Onazi, a former Nigerian international who played for Lazio, has intensified the competition for the defensive midfield position. In order to seek more stable playing opportunities, Ngan Cheuk Pan (Ban Jai), a member of the “98 Golden Generation” who got many opportunities to serve as the main selection in the middle of last season, will be loaned to Sham Shui Po in the coming season. Ngan was born in the Barcelona Football School, the predecessor…

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So Hoi Lam: The scar left by three cuts and seven screws, remind yourself not to let yesterday’s tears flow in vain

After Kitchee established a semi-professional women’s football team, it won the league and the FA Cup last season. The team’s main player So Hoi Lam is one of the heroes, but the Hong Kong team player does not have much time to indulge in victory. In order to make up for the regrets five years ago, she is fully preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. Skip a grade So, who was born in rural Shatin, used to play kickball with the boys from the same village when he was a child. He was shot and broke his hand…

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Lai Kak Yi: Go back and forth and be yourself again

Lai Kak Yi, the main player in Sham Shui Po last season, will transfer to KC Southern in the coming season. This midfielder with civil engineer qualifications has just started pre-season training and is trying to adapt to KC Southern’s high-intensity training rhythm. Rather than judging whether to give up a high-paying job, I care more about whether my choice at this moment is satisfactory. Primary Six has been selected for the Hong Kong team, and his achievements on the football field allowed him to enter La Salle College, a prestigious sports school; before Form Six faced DSE, Pegasus assistant…

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Valdo Tita: Never Regret Everything in Hong Kong

In recent years, many African players have traveled across the sea to Hong Kong to develop their football career. It is not easy for them to survive in the Hong Kong football circle. There were many misunderstandings because of language barriers. However, there are also some players who made a name for themselves in Hong Kong, and even naturalized in Hong Kong to become members of the representative team. Among them, Festus Baise, Godfred Karikari,Alexander Oluwatayo Akande, Jean-Jacques Kilama, Mahama Awal, etc. are widely loved and supported by fans. Whether you like them or not, African players have become an…

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